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F E A T U R E   F I L M S



Feature Film

Two very different women, Marian and Jewel, become unlikely friends as they realise that their similarities far out weight their differences.

VERDIGRIS is a co-production with MnáMná Films. It is written and directed by Patricia Kelly and stars Geraldine McAlinden (Bloodlands, Bad Sisters), Maya O’Shea (Normal People), Michael James Ford (Harry Wild, Striking Out) and Killian Filan (Normal People). 

VERDIGRIS is currently in production.

Left Hand Of The Devil


Feature Film

Cassandra, a young black Irish woman living in Japan, must learn Bojutsu so she can exact revenge on the vicious Yakuza crime-boss who cut off her arm and murdered her family.

LEFT HAND OF THE DEVIL is an Irish / Japanese / UK co-production. It is based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Victor Santos, whose previous work has been adapted into feature films for Netflix.

LEFT HAND OF THE DEVIL is written by English writer/producer Anthony Alleyne and Japanese writer/director Mutsumi Kameyama, and will be directed by Kameyama. 

The film will be produced by Prelude Content in Ireland, Bornwild in the UK and a Japanese producer to be announced soon.



Feature Film

When Annie returns home for her mother’s funeral, the strange behaviour of the extended family makes her suspect they were involved in the death. But the reality is much more terrifying.

HOMETOWN is written by Paul FitzSimons. The film has been in development for two years and script, synopsis and pitchdeck are available.

London's Crawling


Feature Film

An uncompromising London cop must fight to save her city - and her son - from a pack of super-savvy, super-vicious, supersized rats.

LONDON'S CRAWLING is an Irish / UK co-production and is written by English writer Danielle Reid. 

The film will be produced by Prelude Content in Ireland and Moviehouse Productions in the UK.

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