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Shooting in Ireland

A   G R E A T   P L A C E
T O   S H O O T    Y O U R   F I L M

Ireland is a great place to shoot movies and TV Series for many reasons.
  • Diverse and Scenic Landscapes: Ireland boasts a variety of stunning natural landscapes, from rugged coastlines and lush green hills to historic castles and quaint villages. These picturesque settings can stand in for many different locations around the world.
  • Rich Cultural Heritage: The country is rich in history and culture, providing unique and authentic backdrops for historical and period films. Ancient ruins, medieval castles, and historic towns are plentiful.
  • Financial Incentives: Ireland offers attractive tax incentives for film and television production. The Section 481 tax relief can cover up to 32% of eligible production expenditure, making it financially appealing for filmmakers.
  • Skilled Workforce: Ireland has a growing pool of talented professionals in the film industry, including crew members, actors, and post-production specialists. The presence of established production facilities and studios adds to its appeal.
  • Supportive Film Industry: Organizations such as Screen Ireland (formerly the Irish Film Board) provide substantial support for film production, including funding, resources, and promotional assistance.
  • Accessible Location: Ireland’s location in Europe makes it easily accessible from major cities around the world, and the country's compact size means that diverse filming locations are often just a short distance from one another.
  • Mild Climate: Ireland’s climate, while sometimes unpredictable, is generally mild, allowing for year-round shooting without extreme weather conditions that could hinder production.
  • Favorable Legal and Regulatory Environment: The country has a stable political environment and a film-friendly regulatory framework that facilitates smooth production processes.
If you have a film or series that you would like to shoot or co-produce in Ireland, please contact us.
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