T V   D R A M A


6x1 Hour TV Drama | Crime Thriller | Returnability: 3 Seasons

As journalist Claire Goodwin investigates the murder of a celebrity rugby player, she discovers a much bigger story – a doctor carrying out unsanctioned clinical trials on human
subjects. But Claire soon realises that this career-defining exposé will put her family, her freedom and even her life in danger.

DARK ROAD has been in development for three years. 

A leading TV director has come on-board to direct the series and is collaborating on story and script development.
A treatment and pilot script are available.



6x1 Hour TV Drama | Drama | 1 Season

The mother of a leading schools rugby player is horrified when her son’s team-mate dies in her arms, shortly after suffering an on-field concussion. She is further appalled when the team management and the school fail to take responsibility for the tragedy. She soon discovers deceit, recklessness and corruption at the heart of schools’ rugby.

FIFTEEN has been in development since mid-2020.



8x1 Hour TV Drama | Crime Thriller | 3 Seasons

A newly qualified London taxi driver will use his rare genetic gift to exact a cruel revenge. A revenge that will put an entire city at risk.
The exam to become a London taxi driver 'The Knowledge' is one of the most difficult in the world. It demands years of study to learn the city’s twenty-five thousand streets and landmarks. So when Milos Vlasic  passes in just three months, it’s noticed – by the authorities, by other Knowledge students and by taxi-drivers who will punish him for cheating. But Milos doesn’t care who knows or what they think. 
The genetic gift that let him pass ‘The Knowledge’, an eidetic memory, is also the curse that forces him to remember every painful moment of his life. But he will use this gift to exact revenge on the warlord who decimated his country.

KNOWLEDGE has been in development for five years. It was an ‘Honourable Mention’ at the 2018 Filmarket London TV Pitchbox. A treatment and pilot script are available.



6x1 Hour TV Drama | Crime Thriller | 3 Seasons

When the body of a Syrian baby is found on an idyllic Irish beach, the tense co-existence between the population of a seaside town and the nearby refugee camp is stretched to breaking point.

THE STRAND has been in development since July 2020.

the strand.jfif


6x1 Hour TV Drama | Police Procedural | 5+ Seasons

As she investigates crime in a struggling suburban town, disgraced Detective Sergeant Anna Falter struggles with the blurred line between her personal and professional life, as her husband’s gambling pushes her family towards poverty  and the children she never sees get more out of control.

FALTER has been in development for two years. The first series is outlined and there are story ideas in place for 35 episodes.