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T V   D R A M A

Dark Road


6x1 Hour TV Drama | Crime Thriller | Returnability: 3 Seasons

As journalist Claire Goodwin investigates the murder of a celebrity rugby player, she discovers a much bigger story – a doctor carrying out unsanctioned clinical trials on human
subjects. But Claire soon realises that this career-defining exposé will put her family, her freedom and even her life in danger.

DARK ROAD has been in development for three years. 

A leading TV director has come on-board to direct the series and is collaborating on story and script development.
A treatment and pilot script are available.



6x1 Hour TV Drama | Crime Investigation | 5+ Seasons

A small-town journalist and bartender puts her psychology skills to use when she finds herself investigating crime on the streets of the town where she grew up.

She also struggles with the daily drama of her personal life, as her husband’s addictions push her family towards poverty and the children she never sees get out of control.

STILLWATER has been in development since 2021. The first series is outlined and there are story ideas in place for 25 episodes.

the strand.jfif


4x1 Hour TV Drama | Crime Thriller | 1 Season

When a baby's body is found on an idyllic Irish beach, a callous and unyielding witch-hunt by an uncompromising specialist Garda unit leads to a rushed arrest, a forced confession and a town turning on one of its own.

The Strand


6x1 Hour TV Drama | Fantasy Thriller | 3 Season

Cassandra, a young black Irish woman living in Japan, must learn Bojutsu so she can exact revenge on the vicious Yakuza crime-boss who cut off her arm and murdered her family.

LEFT HAND OF THE DEVIL is an Irish / Japanese / UK co-production. It is based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Victor Santos, whose previous work has been adapted into feature films for Netflix.

LEFT HAND OF THE DEVIL is written by English writer/producer Anthony Alleyne and Japanese writer/director Mutsuki Kameyama, and will be directed by Kameyama. 

The series will be produced by Prelude Content in Ireland, Bornwild in the UK and a Japanese producer to be announced soon.

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