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Feature Film

We're delighted to announce that we've have partnered with MnáMná Films and writer/producer Patricia Kelly to produce the feature film VERDIGRIS.

Verdigris is about two very different women, Marian and Jewel, who become unlikely friends as they realise that their similarities far outweigh their differences.

Verdigris is written and directed by Patricia Kelly and stars Geraldine McAlinden (Bloodlands, Bad Sisters), Maya O’Shea (Normal People), Michael James Ford (Harry Wild, Striking Out) and Killian Filan (Normal People). 

Verdigris is currently in production.

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Development Assistance


we are committed to becoming a leading provider of film and television content for audiences around the world, working with industry leaders, and availing of current and emerging production and broadcasting methodologies. 

We work with leading and emerging film industry crew and creative personnel, across all specialties and including all ages, genders, abilities, races, cultures and orientations.

We will showcase Ireland as an attractive filming setting and location, for both Irish and international productions.


Collaborating with leading and emerging screenwriters from Ireland, UK and US, we devise, develop and advance new works in TV Drama and feature film.


We have relationships with agents at leading literary agencies in Ireland and the UK, who advise us of new and upcoming releases with adaptation potential. We negotiate option fees and terms with writers and agents.


We work with producers and production company development personnel to advance projects that have been optioned, acquired or commissioned. This will lighten the significant load involved in a film or TV drama’s development phase as well as add an experienced pair of eyes to the development team.

We also work with producers and creatives to advance development of projects, including submitting and co-ordinating funding applications. This includes story development, preparing required documents and information, development budget forecasting, checking eligibility requirements and application form guidance.  

Our other services include script editing, packaging, attending festivals and marketplaces, creating development schedule and budgets, and brokering relationships with directors.

All collaborations, partnerships and consultations are undertaken in complete confidence.

Please note that we do not accept or read unsolicited story ideas or scripts. But do reach out and say hello.

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